Perks of Having Open Spaces in Your Residential Apartment


Perks of Having Open Spaces in Your Residential Apartment

Posted On Jan 28, 2020 by Rajat Homes

The availability of open spaces has become a benchmark amenity that determines the luxury quotient of any real estate project. Most of the luxury spaces coming up in the metro cities, including Kolkata, have one thing in common: a vast open space with a lush green landscape. With a better layout and design in a residential project, an extended open space nowadays has become quite mandatory.

According to Mr. Sharma, the owner of a residential apartment in Tangra, open green space is the prime feature of any real estate project of late. While the trend is known to have drawn inspiration predominantly from the western lifestyle, this feature has become synonymous with a promising project today. Buyers are becoming quite interested in the projects that come with open space as it serves enough recreational area.

The growing need for open spaces

With the lifestyle evolution, the requirement of the potential home buyers has also changed. “Nowadays, people expect more amenities and facilities than ever before”, points out the leading real estate developers of the city. Additionally, they have also pointed out that the increasing stress levels at work and the amount of time spent on travelling have already taken a toll on our health. In this case, a vast green open space inside the residential premises offers the home buyers the much-needed oasis of calm and comfort.

Open Spaces Offer Recreation Arena

Open spaces in urban living allow residents to partake in sports activities, walk or spend time with family. Such areas offer an opportunity to indulge in recreation. Open spaces can be in the form of a park, landscaped garden, walking/cycling track, kid’s play area, badminton court, tennis court, etc. In many properties, it’s just a vast space with green mowed lawns.

Promotes Bonding among Residents

Well designed lawns and open areas promote social interaction. Also, they offer enough space to host cultural programs, where the residents can come along and indulge in healthy interaction.

Encourages an Active lifestyle

Nowadays, most people are health-conscious. Open space in your apartment promotes an active lifestyle that ensures your health and well being.

The Final Takeaway

Having an open space these days is considered as an amenity, but the area of the open space in the residential project depends on the total number of people expected to occupy the project. As a result, the area varies widely, and there’s no fixed percentage of the site.

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