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Five Things to Know About Row Bungalows If You Want to Live Like a Fantasy

Posted On Sep 8, 2021 by Rajat Homes

Purchasing a home is a life-changing event that necessitates extensive analysis and research. However, after implementing the essential parameters of pricing, area, and amenities, buyers are spoilt for choices with a plethora of possibilities ranging from studio apartments to independent villas.

A row bungalow is the type of property that has caught the attention of buyers like a moth to flame. South Kolkata’s row bungalows, in particular, have changed the city’s real estate market, establishing a new boom in residential properties.

Gated Community Villas in South Kolkata has become a favoured choice, particularly for people who enjoy a little privacy along with a great social life. Row bungalows are an excellent alternative for home buyers for several features.

Here are some reasons why row bungalows are indeed the ideal option for home buyers:

An Admired Style of Living

A row bungalow is indeed a tranquil choice, guaranteeing harmony and seclusion. It is all about obtaining more in a row bungalow – more room, more seclusion, more spaces and more luxury.

A busy lifestyle necessitates some personal time and space to rest and spend some good times with your family members. Row bungalows, of course, offer you the impression of fine living depicted by comfort and luxury.

Luxury homes in Southern Bypass, Kamalgazi are gaining popularity, especially for row bungalows. They are the ideal options for home buyers with a big family.

Quality & Stylish Lifestyle

Row bungalows in South Kolkata have risen to the status of fashionable and high-quality living. They include quiet areas, making it very simple to dwell alongside your neighbours.

Private parties, events, and visitors are not at all a disturbance to the fellow residents. Another factor that makes row bungalows attractive is security. Safe and filtered entries are identified by several doorways (the main gate, the front door of the residence).

Bringing More Green in Your Lives

Row bungalows proffer homeowners natural and refreshing amenities. You have the option to cultivate a lovely flower garden or a useful and interesting kitchen garden within your boundary where you can produce fresh and organic veggies.

Furthermore, such a green infrastructure will keep you in excellent health and provide a stream of clean & fresh air for your dwelling.


The true pleasure that comes from having a garden is to play in or an open location to experience warm sunlight and rain. By purchasing a row bungalow, one can provide their children with a pure and joyous childhood blooming beautifully in natural surroundings.

Private open areas are where kids may enjoy playing their preferred outdoor games. Additionally, open spaces can foster the love for outdoor games in growing youngsters, which is rare in today’s gadget-friendly generation growing up in an urban setting.

A Pet-Friendly Environment

If you have a pet, a row bungalow is an ideal option. Usually apartment dwellers face problems from nosy neighbours for having a pet. Many housing complexes impose restrictions too. Owning a bungalow will allow you to have a small backyard space where you can construct a small and comfortable kennel for your furry friend to reside in.

Wrapping Up

The row bungalows appear to be worthwhile, when you live in a beautiful and affluent environment. Southern Vista offers stunning row bungalows in a peaceful and convenient neighbourhood that adds up to the value of the property as well as your lifestyle.

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