How to check the construction quality of a home?


How to check the construction quality of a home?

Posted On Mar 29, 2022 by Rajat Homes

Would you like to live in an unsafe house? It is evident that you do not want to put your own life or the lives of those you love in danger by living in an unsafe abode. As a buyer, you should always consider the quality of the construction before buying a home or property. But why? Since so many developers in the market promise to offer residential projects at affordable prices, inspecting the construction quality is essential.

The construction of a house should meet the high-quality standard, or else it might be unsafe to live there. In case you are planning to invest your hard-earned money in a residential project, you should be careful. Although assessing the site’s quality might not be easy, it is recommended that one visits the site on a surprise basis to ensure it is top-notch.

The following checklist can help you assess the quality of a property or house:

The soil quality

The type and quality of the soil are very important factors to consider. There is no doubt that soil varies from place to place. Therefore, it is imperative to check the characteristics of ground soil. The soil determines the strength of the construction. Some soils aren’t capable of supporting high-rise buildings. Before construction starts, conduct a soil test on the site.

Make sure the structural design is sound

If you are inspecting a house or property, don’t overlook the house’s structural design. The strength and structural integrity of the house is determined by several factors, including the walls, columns, beams, and roof. In addition to conforming to safety standards, the design of the house should be rigid. The developer must state whether or not the house will be able to withstand an earthquake. Therefore, you should seek the advice of an architect to check the structural quality.

Assess the wall’s thickness

The width of the walls must be specified in the layout agreement. Ensure the walls meet the specified width by visiting the construction site. The wall quality can be determined by pressing it with an object like a key. If the wall is made from poor-quality materials, it will easily crack or break. This indicates that low-quality materials are being used for the construction.

Inspection of fittings and fixtures

While assessing the construction quality of a home or property, buyers should pay close attention to certain details. Generally, residential projects are equipped with high-quality fixtures that provide a high level of comfort. Make sure all electrical appliances are working properly, including ceiling fans and switches. Aside from that, the bathroom and kitchen fittings should be in good condition. If you have any complaints, notify the builder immediately.

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