How To Choose Furniture According to Room Size?


How To Choose Furniture According to Room Size?

Posted On Mar 24, 2020 by Rajat Homes

There are times when we fall for a piece of furniture that are just not right for our living space. Not that they are shabby or unpleasant, rather they are a misfit for your space,in spite of being aesthetically pleasing. But, most of the time, we end up making plans to work with it somehow. And, that’s where we go absolutely wrong, says Rupali, an interior designer, while talking about the decor statement in own flat at a posh residential complex in South Kolkata.

Decorating a room is like scribing on a blank canvas. Incorporating beautiful furniture in your living space helps you notch up beautiful interiors where you will find a peaceful refuge. So, it’s important to choose furniture that effortlessly matches your room’s size and complements it to the core.

Let’s find out how you should go about it.Here are key tips on deciding the perfect layout.

Start With a Proper Measurement

Take wall to wall measurement of your room for the perfect layout. Don’t forget to account for the doorways and windows, closets, and recesses. Consider the height of wall, window sill, light fixtures and switches. Also identify the electrical outlets, in order to make sure that the new furniture doesn’t overlap the outlets. Measure the height and the space occupied by the ceiling fans, before you place the new furniture in your living space. Don’t forget to measure doorways to make sure your new furniture can have an effortless entry to your home upon delivery.

Distance between the Coffee Table and Sofa

Ideally, there should be a distance of 14 inches to 18 inches between the sofa and coffee table.Actually, that’s the comfortable distance from where you can easily fetch the magazine, but still have plenty of leg room.

Height of Side Tables

Side tables add the right dose of grandeur to your living space. But, it’s important to arrange them properly. Make sure that the height of the side table is taller than the arm of the adjacent chair and not lower than the height of the seat. Ideally, the height should be not less than 3 inches shorter than the arm. However, the chairs without arms can be so designed that the gap with the table top is no more than 8 inches from above the seat.

Distance between Seating (Sofa and the Chairs)

Decking up your personal space involves notching up an optimised difference between seaters. The gap between two seaters (if they are chairs or settees) should not be more than 10 ft and no less than 3 ft. In short, the proximity of the seaters should be enough to make sure that there is enough room to optimize intimate conversation. Yet everyone is having a personal space of their own. Keep in mind that big and comfortable seaters are always favourite among, but maintaining a comfortable distance is always expected.

The Takeaway Point

Choosing the furniture for your living space is not an easy chore. You need to consider quite a lot of measurements. Along with the size of your room, you need to take the aesthetics into account. However, you can check out these tips to accomplish the task without much hassle.


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