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16 Mar 2021

A premium lifestyle awaits you at the luxury row bungalows on Southern Bypass

The concept of Row Bungalows dates back to the 16th century when wealthy landlords used to live in countryside and move into their luxury abode in city durin...
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22 Sep 2020

How to Ensure Wellness at Home in Post Pandemic Era?

“Build well to live well” - architects and engineers were trying to educate owners and developers on the wellness impacts of sustainable building design over...
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20 Aug 2020

5 Awesome Ideas To Give Your Kitchen A Modern Makeover

When you talk about giving your home a fresh makeover, that includes your kitchen too. It is one of the most used spaces of a home where you lovi..
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29 Jul 2020

Effective Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality For A Healthy Home

When we talk about air pollution, the pollution outside is what concern us most. Vehicle emissions, burning of fossil fuels and industr...
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22 Jun 2020

Decorate your home with low maintenance house plants

Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is a succulent with long, pointed leaves and has medicinal properties. Aloe plants can be used as a skin moisturizer and to heal minor c...
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12 May 2020

How To Make Your Home Summer Ready

Spring, the season of rejuvenation has bid us adieu months back, and in the meantime sultry summer crept in to take on our nerves. Wi...
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17 Apr 2020

Wellness Amenities Of Rajat Boulevard Defining The True Joy Of Living

The definition of ‘fine living’ might be apparent, but don’t we all long for a home where we will feel alive and live a life wrapped in comfo...
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10 Apr 2020

Indulge Yourself in Sophistication & Luxury at ...

From a well-equipped gymnasium to top-notch video phone facility, the list will go on, but these plush conveniences are not offered...
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25 Mar 2020

Rajat Boulevard Brings You a Flair of Upscale Life at the City’s Heart

An upscale lifestyle is no more about spacious living rooms and beautiful balconies. For Maitreyee, a 26-ye...
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24 Mar 2020

How To Choose Furniture According to Room Size?

There are times when we fall for a piece of furniture that are just not right for our living space. Not that they are shabby or unpleasant, rather they are a...
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